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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


\Haha hi! Which poly have you been post to? :-) Hope you guys will enjoy your poly life soon!

I Heard, it's tiring :P hahaha!/

My school life is terrible, it couldn't been any better because there's no afternoon section in secondary school, and my attendance has already attracted teacher's attention.
 But it's okay, it actually help a lot cause I really have a habit of not going to school, and the best excuses I have ever give is because my uniform were all washing, was actually asked to have a parents' meeting section but thank goodness that a call settled everything.

This picture above was tooken last year and is right on 11-11-11 ♥

How awesome was that? hehe :-)

USS was fun, i loooooove all those roller coaster! Can't wait to go again

okay, this year taking O's hope everything willl be alright.
K, that's all for now. bye bye! :-)